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A few event rental tips...

Every event is unique in it's own way. At Tentland we work with you to determine what rentals to consider for your event, delivering quality service so your event is a successful one. Below are few tips to consider when choosing what size of tent you might need.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a tent for your event. You can use the number of people expected at your event as a starting point. Keep in mind the tent size will vary depending on whether your event is standing (cocktail tables) or seated (round/square tables). Be sure to check out our rentals section to see what other event rentals we provide.

The chart below will also help guide you in determining the approximate size of tent you need, based on the number of guests you plan on having. Still not sure, contact us with any questions and we'll be happy to work you on choosing on the perfect size.

Tent Sizing Chart

# of Guests Size of Tent
20 - 40 people 20' x 20' Tent
30 - 60 people 20' x 30' Tent
60 - 80 people 20' x 40' Tent
70 - 90 people 30' x 30' Tent
100 - 120 people 30' x 40' Tent
120 - 140 people 30' x 50' Tent
140 - 160 people 30' x 60' Tent
160 - 180 people 30' x 80' Tent
170 - 200 people 40' x 60' Tent
220 - 240 people 40' x 80' Tent

Tent & Table Visual Guides

To help gusage the size of tent you'll need for your event, view the visual tent guide!

# of Guests Tent & Table Type
32 guests 20 x 20 Frame, Round Tables
48 guests 20 x 20 Frame, Rectangle Tables
48 guests 30 x 30 Pole, Round Tables
64 guests 20 x 40 Frame, Round Tables
64 guests 20 x 40 Pole, Round Tables
64 guests 20 x 30 Frame, Rectangle Tables
64 guests 30 x 30 Pole, Rectangle Tables
72 guests 30 x 45 Pole, Round Tables
80 guests 20 x 40 Frame, Rectangle Tables
80 guests 20 x 40 Frame, Rectangle Tables
80 guests 20 x 50 Frame, Round Tables
88 guests 30 x 40 Frame, Rectangle Tables
96 guests 30 x 40 Frame, Round Tables
96 guests 40 x 40 Pole, Round Tables
104 guests 30 x 60 Pole, Round Tables
120 guests 40 x 60 Pole, Round Tables
128 guests 30 x 75 Pole, Round Tables
144 guests 30 x 90 Pole, Round Tables
168 guests 40 x 80 Pole, Round Tables
200 guests 40 x 100 Pole, Round Tables

*Tent sizes are based on a sit down, seated dinner (round/square tables). A bigger tent may be required if you wish to accommodate additional tables or dance floor, bar or disc jockey at your event. Bigger size tents are also available, please contact us for info.

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Event Rentals and Other Considerations

Location & Inspection

If you're having an outdoor event and require a tent, the location and placement of the tent matters. Tentland staff makes the setup process safe and easy by ensuring we survey the location first, which sometimes includes a 'locate' to check for underground utility lines and pipes. For more information on location considerations when renting from Tentland, visit our FAQ's.

Lighting & Decorations

If your event is during the evening, you may want to consider lighting inside the tent. Our interior globe lighting will provide light coverage for the entire tent, no matter what size you rent and we also offer additional decorations for inside or outside of the tent. If you’re interested in decorations, ask us for more details.

Outdoor Restroom

If you're having an outdoor event you might want to consider renting an outdoor portable restroom for your guests. These units are usually self-contained and don't require any connected plumbing lines, which makes setup easy. Check out King of Thrones outdoor toilet rentals for more information.

Delivery, Setup & Removal

Rest assured that Tentland provides full delivery, setup and removal of all tents, chairs and event rental items.

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